Published:EuroCharts 42


This report shows my personal opinion and impression of the Comparade 8-party which was held from 27.10 till 29.10.2000 in Emmering, Southern Germany. The party was much fun even though only a few people traveled there.

The Report

Friday, at about 12 o'clock, StingRay and Medi arrived at my home. I still had to carry some equipment to my car and I wasn't in time. But that was no problem as we thought we had enough time to travel to the CP8. We bought some more sweeties and some food for the party in a shop next to my home. Then we got in the car which was nearly full (three computers, four monitors and extra-equipment) and let the engine scream. The roads were nearly empty, only one traffic jam kept us stuck for about 20 minutes.

We arrived at 19 PM., two hours after the opening. After talking a bit to the main organiser Homecat of Black Monks we entered the partyhall. But what we saw was a nearly empty hall. There was only about ten people with computers there! That was a shock for us, as we thought that much more sceners would be there. Oh well, nothing to do about it now so we built up our equipment. The advantage of this nearly empty hall was the fact that we had more than enough space. After powering up all our amigas we started coding a bit.

At 9 PM the organizers started the official opening. Hmm...there was still only a small amount of visitors here. So the organizers decided to greet everybody personally. :) I have never seen anything like that before, but it was very funny.

Some hours later we ordered some pizzas that tasted very good. It was nice to eat some warm food on a party. Usually I only eat some sweeties and cornflakes the whole party. But a pizza seems to be better food than a chocolate blancmange. :) The remaining time of this evening was full of demo presentations, you know, Budbrain-demo and some more kewl oldschool-stuff.

At 3 AM I had some hours of sleep because I was very tired from the long trip. Six hours later I was back in the reality and had to realise that StingRay had coded the whole night.

I chatted a bit with the organisers and they told me that there unfortunately wouldn't be any releases in most of the competitions. So the PC-demo-, C64-demo-, C64-pixel- and some more compos had to be canceled. That was really a shame. Anyway, the show went on with the Amiga non-standard music competition where you had to hand in a tune not made with one of the standard programs (e.g. Protracker). We handed in an AHX-tune by DC.Clark which was the only entry (so we knew who would make the first place :). As you can imagine, the non-standard music compo was a very short one with only one tune released.

Some hours later the organisers announced the sprayer-event. Hey, there was a boy who sprayed a kewl picture for the Comparade. Nice idea! And then, at about 6 PM, we saw a big cake near the organizers place. A cake? Yes, it was a big cake with a lot of nice drawings on the surface (Comparade-logo, Amiga-boing-ball, C64-sign, lots of groupnames etc.)! you should have seen that! It was one of the nicest events on the party! Everybody shot a photo. And the cake tasted veeeeery good! :)

Later on we finishd our 4k-intro ILL for the party, even it was four hours after the deadline. But as we were the only group that wanted to release a demo/intro at the party, we could made our own deadline. :) Two hours and a pizza later the entry was shown on the bigscreen. Btw., at this time there were about 30 people at the party place. After the show we sat back in front of our amigas and watched some demos. Then I heard that the organizers announced a gfx-compo because some people wanted to hand in a piece of graphic. So we decided to release a picture by Influence, which made the second place. This was the first compo I ever have seen where the winner was found by applause! :)

The prize giving for this compo started directly after the compo itself because one of the persons who had handed in a picture had to leave. Influence won a C64 with disk-drive. :)

I got back in my sleeping-bag for some hours because I had to be fit for the trip back to Berlin. Sunday morning we had some breakfast and then the prize giving started. OK, the only winner was Secretly! as there were no other releases. We won some money and an Amiga 1000! Nice prizes! :) After the ceremony (which was very short) we packed our equipment and filled the car in a leisurely manner. It was nearly a problem to pack all computers into the car because we had to take two more computers back home than on the journey down there. 30 minutes later we entered the highway and at 7 PM we arrived in Berlin.


The organizers were very unhappy about the fact that there was only such a small amount of sceners. And we also wonder about the fact that the scene seems to be uninterested in small partys in the south were quakekiddies are successfully banned off. The organizers told me that they want to make another party next year but with advance order only. Let's hope that the next party will be more successfull. The organizers did their job very well!